It all started when…

I was seven years old and started charging the neighborhood girls 0.25 cents to paint their nails; I even made custom colors by mixing the ones I had together. I knew then that I had to work for myself, I had to be my boss and do things my way.

Six years ago I started a wedding coordination business, and now that one business has blossomed into a strategic corporate and non-profit event planning company as well as a floral design company called Aster Wonders.

When I am not planning events, I love spending time with family which includes my two fur babies; Gunther and Watson. They are both rescue pups which came into our home through fostering. We have fostered many dogs, and I have volunteered many hours to a local animal rescue. Most of my weekends off you can find me on my couch, snuggled up watching a good movie. I’m not much of a party girl. Probably because I throw parties for a living ;) My Husband and me live in a suburb in Minnesota and enjoy getting outdoors together, spending time by the lake and hiking.


Jessica Wonders