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Vendor Spotlight | Primped

TOPIC: On-site wedding hair & makeup advice

What are the main services Primped MN offers?

We are an onsite hair styling and makeup services company.

Does Primped MN have a “specialty” or niche client focus?

We specialize in bridal hair and makeup. We adore weddings and do everything we can to help each of our brides feel like her most beautiful self on her big day.

How many hair and makeup artists does Primped MN have on the team?

We currently have a team of 20 of the top hair and makeup artists the Twin Cities has to offer.

What is your biggest piece of advice for future brides in regards to hair and makeup for their wedding day?

Utilize pictures and have a trial run! Trial runs are a time for the bride and the artist to come together and create the perfect look. An experienced artist will take this time to not only help the bride see her vision come to life but also to get to know her so that she is comfortable with her on the wedding day.

Are you seeing any new hair and makeup related trends that you are loving?

We love how the trend seems to be leaning towards embracing a woman’s natural beauty and hair texture. While we enjoy a fierce contour as much as the next girl, there is much to be said for a natural, glowing face. Paired with a loose, textured updo featuring some fresh flowers and you’ve got a natural, timeless look.

Who are the owner(s) of Primped MN? Can you tell us a little bit about the owners? Why you started Primped MN? What you enjoy in your free time?

Primped is owned and operated by dear friends Missy Caris and Victoria Ohlhauser. We both adore weddings so we paired Missy’s head for business with Victoria’s extensive hair and makeup background and Primped was born. On top of being entrepreneurs we are both wives and mothers so free time is not something either of us have much experience with these days! If we had a few moments to spare you could probably find Missy snowboarding in the winter or plotting the next corner of the world she wants to explore. While Victoria enjoys the idea of snowboarding and exploring, she is most likely sitting on the sofa, eating cookies, drinking coffee, and scrolling through Pinterest looking for inspiration for yet another home project to torture her husband with.