Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more about Jessica Wonders Events? We have gathered a few need to know details or at least a few worth mentioning. 

  •  What services do you offer?

o     Planning + Design (partial or unlimited)

o     Coordination

o     Floral & Stationery Design (not an exclusive service, you can hire any floral or stationery designer you would like) 

     What can a wedding planner do for me?

o     The number one thing a wedding planner can do for you is to provide stress relief, so you can enjoy the planning process! When you hire a wedding planner trust that this is their every-day. They have the knowledge, experience, and industry connections to make things happen. They will make sure all tasks get completed, time managed well, and help you with design/creative elements if you choose. Then you can be at ease knowing the details will come along nicely with a good wedding planner in your corner!

     What can a day of coordinator do for me?

o     A day of coordinator can take all of the details you have planned for your big day and execute them flawlessly.

o     A professional coordinator does this for a living, and often times they are out there hustling every-single weekend throughout wedding season, so they know what things to keep an eye on, how to run a timeline, how to deal with a wedding party, how to set up décor, etiquette, etc.

     My venue has a coordinator, do I need to hire you?

o     Always ask the specifics of what said venue coordinator will be doing for you and what they will not be doing for you.

o     Often times that person is the not the one who will be gluing your mom’s shoe back on when she is out on the dance floor, or helping you bustle your dress.

o     Venue coordinators are there for the venue, they will unlock the doors, let your vendors in and make sure all venue related things run well.

o     They most certainly will not be planning your wedding for you!

     Who will be my lead planner?

o     Depending on availability; Jessica (owner), or Tamara

o     We always try and schedule consultations with the person who will be your lead planner, that way you won’t be signing a contract with us wondering if you’re going to mesh well with your planner!

     If I am only hiring your company for coordination services who will be my lead coordinator?

o     Tamara is our lead coordinator. She handles all of our day of weddings. From the initial consult to the wedding day!

     Will my planner have an assistant?

o     Yes, on the day of your wedding you will have your lead planner + 1 event coordinator. We don’t like the term “assistant” since our event coordinators do more than just assist us planners ;)

     How many assistants?

o     It depends on your guest count

o     Under 300 guest count = lead planner + 1 event coordinator

o     300 to 500= lead planner + 2 event coordinators

     What is the planning process like?

o     It’s one-on-one, we (the planners) are there for you, we care most about making your wedding day what you want it to be, we are very objective and always looking out for your best interest!

o     At Jessica Wonders we only work a limited number of events per year.

o     Your lead planner will only have 1 lead wedding per weekend, and that’s yours, so you don’t need to worry that your planner will be focusing on someone else’s wedding the day before or after yours!

     Do you have a client management system that I will have access to?

o     Yes, we use a spectacular planning & design software program called Aisle Planner.

o     All partial planning & unlimited planning client’s get access to this!

     Will you go to meetings with me or for me?

o     Absolutely! With coffee in our hands and a smile on our faces!

o     Some of our day of packages include in person meetings or venue tours, but vendor meetings are specifically for planning clients.

     How much help can I expect to get if I only hire your coordination services?

o     We will not be planning the details of your wedding day for you

o     We are there to execute final details on the day of your wedding

o     Depending on the coordination package you book, that’s what determines how much help you will receive prior to the wedding day.

o     Our base package is very hands off and our month of coordination package includes many final detail planning items leading up to the wedding day!

     Do you have a preferred vendors list?

o     Yes! All contracted clients receive access to our preferred vendors list.

o     Some of our very special vendors give exclusive discounts to our JW clients just for being our clients.

     How do vendors get on your preferred vendors list?

o     The vendors on our preferred list are companies we have worked with and had great experiences with, as well as those we trust to do well by our clients.

o     We do not add vendors to our list just because they ask us too.

     If I live out of state is that going to be a problem?

o     Absolutely not! In fact, 8 out of 10 of our clients live out of state.

     What will you absolutely NOT be able to do for me?

o     We absolutely cannot make financial transactions on our client’s behalf. So what does this mean? We will be the coordinator between you and the vendor and review your contracts before you receive them, but when it comes time to make a payment- you will need to do that! But don’t worry we will remind you when those payments are due and for how much!