Floral Design Launch Day | Jessica Wonders

The time has come, the day is here. Hooray! Jessica Wonders is now offering floral design services. 

This dream has been years in the making. Our intention has always been to have a well-rounded wedding services line up. To create one place where our wedding planning clients can check those ever so necessary, yet sometimes stressful wedding planning items off their list. 

We absolutely love working with our local vendor friends in the wedding industry and with this new addition of floral design services, we have no intention of cutting that off. There will be times that going outside of the Jessica Wonders team will be completely necessary to make a couples wedding day dreams come true. So we have no intention in making these services exclusive. Our planning clients are still welcome to hire whoever is the best fit for them! After- all that is our end game. To hire on the absolute best wedding vendors who fit our clients needs the best!

Floral design services at Jessica Wonders will also include floral related rental decor. This is super exciting as we just love all the pretty little thing's. Our rental decor inventory will consist of floral vases, compote containers, candle holders etc. We will not have a full on rental inventory, meaning we will not have linens, china, drinking glassware or  furniture of any kind. Our focus will solely be on the items that are used directly with the floral design process.

We will not be stopping at just expanding into the floral design portion of the wedding industry. Stationery design is next to join our services list, and it's coming soon. So stay tuned for more about all of the pretty little paper details!

-Signing off xoxo JW