What do your guests really remember about your wedding!?

All photos on this blog post courtesy of Crystal Rose Photography

Is it those little chocolates you spent far too much time, and way too much money on, that were left behind and thrown away at the end of the night? Was it the color of the napkin? Or maybe, just maybe it was that diy décor you put a lot of work into making pretty, but it didn’t actually work out in the end but you went with it anyways!?

Minnesota Wedding, Aria Minneapolis, Jessica Wonders Events, Crystal Rose Photography

I have news for you. It was NONE of those things. You see on your wedding day your wedding guests remember the time they had, the experience, seeing you and your new Husband or Wife as happy as could be. They might also remember the experience as a whole, meaning the venue and the environment they were in, what kind of setting was it? Casual and outdoors or was it Black-tie and inside a beautiful mansion!? The food and the drinks, hands down they will remember this too.

But the catch here is that they will really only remember the food if it was far more superior then any past weddings they have been too. Was it different and unique or was it the same old sub-par Chicken they get at every wedding? And the drinks well of course immediately the next day they will remember if they had too many. Jokes aside they will remember if you did something different. Did you have a whiskey bar, Bubbly bar, or maybe you had a signature drink? Or was it just beer and wine like most weddings.

Minnesota Wedding, Aria Minneapolis, Jessica Wonders Events, Crystal Rose Photography

I hope you have caught onto the trend. Unique and different, fun and a good time. People will remember the experience and anything unique.

At Jessica Wonders Events when we work with couples planning their wedding we strive to make your big day about you, we take the time to get to know you as a couple, what do you love, what do you hate!? Then we take what we have learned about you as a couple and we try and find ways to incorporate that into your wedding day. So that when your guests walk in they know whose wedding they’re at. If they really know you, they will pick up on those subtle little nods to the two of you throughout the small little details that make up your big day.

Minnesota Wedding, Aria Minneapolis, Jessica Wonders Events, Crystal Rose Photography

Also, we try and avoid doing the same thing over and over again. A broken record we are not. If we could have it our way each and every wedding would be different from the last. When people look at photos from weddings we have done we do not want them to go “oh yes, that’s a JWE wedding, I can tell, it looks like all of the others they have done” why is that!? Because it is not about us! It’s about you and that’s what we love about what we do. Making your dream day a reality in the least cheesy way possible.