Wedding Planner VS. Day of Coordinator

What is the difference between a wedding planner vs. a day of coordinator?

So you're engaged? Now you need to start planning your wedding but you are not sure if you should hire a wedding planner or a day of coordinator? Maybe you are not even sure of what the difference is between the two. Keep reading to learn more. 

A wedding planner- someone who plans and organizes a wedding as a profession. This person will be there with you to guide you through the wedding planning process. They will make sure you book vendors on time and also make sure those vendors fit well with your overall wedding planning needs. In addition to helping you book your wedding venue(s) and vendors they will also help with detail management items such as managing your budget, guest rsvp list, payment due dates, etcetera.

Some wedding planners are also wedding designers and can help you with the design process from beginning to end. Starting with helping you to create your overall design scheme, and then sourcing and booking the vendors needed to create that desired look. Here at JW our wedding planners also offer design services.

Wedding planners offer different services and some may use different terms to describe their service. The easiest way for us to explain the difference is full service planning vs. partial planning. Full service planning is where the planner helps with any and all details surrounding the wedding day. Some planners also offer what is called partial planning. Partial planning is where the planner only helps with certain details which often times are chosen by the client. Though this still means that the couple has many of their own wedding planning items to plan themselves.

A day of coordinator- someone who helps with a minimal amount of final details and coordination on the day of the wedding. This service is perfect for the couples who prefer to plan their wedding, book their own vendors, design the wedding, and manage details on their own. You essentially plan your wedding and hand off all details to your lead coordinator to make it all happen the day of the wedding. This relieves duties from your family and wedding party and puts your wedding in the hands of a professional.

Hiring a day of coordinator does not mean that they will be planning any of your wedding, and most times you will not have access to your lead coordinator for advice until one month to three months prior to your wedding. Communication with a professional about invitation ettiquete, if you really need those favors, or if the vendor you want to book is credible...that is where a planner comes in handy.