Seasonal Flowers

What are seasonal flowers anyway!?

Can we talk about flowers for a minute!? Specifically wedding and event flowers, and even more specifically in Minnesota. If you live, have lived, or ever even visited you know that we certainly do not have beautiful blooms of flowers here all 12 months out of the year. Heck even if you haven't visited you have likely heard on the news about our often traitorous winters, and with that, and with that, you can imagine that we are most certainly not able to grow much during the winter here. 

Given all of that, let's talk about flowers and what you should consider when making decisions about what specific blooms you want for your wedding or event.  Over the next three blog posts, we will cover Seasonal Flowers, Premium Blooms, and Expectations for your wedding and event floral.

Jeannine Marie Photography

Jeannine Marie Photography


1) Seasonal Flowers

What does that even mean!? Well, you are likely aware of the four seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Most flowers tend to bloom in Spring. When we refer to "seasonal flowers" or "in season flowers" for example, that means if you are having a May or June wedding whatever flowers naturally bloom in Minnesota during those months are considered "in-season." 

For example, Peony Flowers tend to bloom during May and June in Minnesota. So asking for these flowers for your May or June wedding is a much more "green" choice to make, and they will end up costing less than if you were to ask for Peony flowers for a November or December wedding. 

If we could even get our hands on Peonies that were of excellent quality during the winter months in Minnesota, they would most certainly need to be flown in from another state or country. Therefore adding to the cost per bloom of this flower choice, and further impacting the environment in a negative way. 

During our consultation process, we take into consideration your floral dreams, but we also consider our footprint on the environment and your budget. You may find that we suggest similar substitutes that will be of much better quality and more cost effective for your specific wedding or event. 

All of this considered is the reason we require a consultation for all wedding and event floral. Not all blooms and floral designs fit into the same square box.