Photos You Will Want to Capture

Many of you know that you should get pictures of the dress, family, the first look between the couple, the cake cutting, first dance, etc. Most professional photographers will have a "shot list" of recommended photos you will want to capture. Here are a few photos that might be missing from that list that you won't want to forget.

1. Bridal Bouquet with Special Items

Photographers always like to take pictures of the bridal bouquet with the rings and sometimes invitation suite right way when they arrive. If you want these photos to be in your collection be sure to have your bouquet, both rings, and other special items you want photographed, delivered at your getting ready site. The photographer can run off and take these detail shots while you are getting ready, so that the rest of the day they can focus on you as a couple. Some items you might want to consider are: bridal accessories, shoes, love letters, wedding day card/gift from your love, and anything else that is important to you.

2. Creative Ring Shot

Left:  Noelle Bakken Photography , Right: Kim Hauman Photography

Left: Noelle Bakken Photography, Right: Kim Hauman Photography

The standard photo of the rings is with floral, but photographers nowadays are getting much more creative with their ring styling. Look up some fun ideas on Pinterest or just let your photographer know you want something creative and let them play around. I love these examples with details from the wedding that really showcased the couple's personality!

3. The Flower Girl and The Bride

There is nothing cuter than a picture of the flower girl looking up to the bride. It makes a great gift for her wedding day or bridal shower when she grows up and is a bride herself.  A great shot is when the flower girl sees the bride in her dress and the camera focuses on the little girl looking up while the bride in the foreground is out of focus. It is such a sweet image.

4. The Other First Looks

Of course you will get a first look photo with your love, but there are many first looks before that one that you should definitely capture. The first look when a bride sees herself in full hair & makeup, the dress, and veil. You remember that moment when you tried on the dress and then when you knew it was the dress the consultant gave you a veil to make it real...Just think how much more it will set in when you see yourself for the first time as a bride just hours before you say "I do". The photo of your own reaction in the mirror is priceless and I wish more photographers could capture that moment.

A first look photo with your parents (together or separate) and the first time your girls see you is a moment that has to be captured. Just look at the genuine emotion, joy, and tears!

5. Both Directions Down the Aisle

If you a hire a photographer that has a second shooter this is a must photo! It's my absolute favorite thing to see the look on both people's faces as they walk towards each other. There is nothing else that can capture the anticipation, excitement, and love. Even if you do get both reactions for the first look before the ceremony nothing is the same as when you are walking towards each other down the aisle and it all becomes real.

6. The Golden Hour

Every photographer is familiar with the infamous "golden hour" when the sun sets just so and the land has a golden filter cast on it. The photos are stunning, so I totally get why it is such a big deal to get those soft golden shots. Just be sure to check online to see when the sun begins to set and when it will set completely for your wedding day. Talk to your photographer to plan a time for these photos to be built into your timeline for the day. It might not seem like a big deal to push back the first dance a bit and go take photos, but then you leave guests somewhere in between speeches being over and the cake being cut. Most people will be ready to dance at that point and the floor can't open until you do your first dance. Just be sure to talk to your photographer and planner ahead of time, so they can come up with a plan A and B and make the call that day. That way they can make sure you get those stunning photos.

Until next time! - XOXO, Tamara

Cover Photo by: MW Photography