Stationery Design Launch

Jessica Wonders now offers Stationery Design Templates

Jessica Wonders Weddings + Events is now offering Stationery Design Services. Our stationery design templates are fully open to customize based on your specific names + wedding day details. Colors on some of these templates may also be customized as well. For more details inquire today.

Below are some of the templates we will be offering. To see more, please visit our Stationery Design Services page.

At this time we are not taking requests for completely custom stationery design, and recommend many local stationery designers right here in Minnesota!

We can work with you to take our templates and add your information and also help you to choose what papers and types of printing might be best. We work with great digital printers and also more specialty printers as well to get you some of the more luxury stationery designs such as letterpress and hot foil. 

List of printing options available with our templates:

  • Digital
  • Digital Foil
  • Foil Stamping
  • Digital Letterpress
  • Letterpress
  • Die-cutting
  • Envelope lining