Why it matters to put your wants on your big day above all else

It can get tricky when planning a wedding to silence the outside opinions of everyone around you from your friends, family, your fiancé's friends and family, the lady in line at the grocery store. I think you get the point.

Here is why it’s important to always stick to what you want. Once you make a decision, keep it. Changing your mind, and changing decisions once they are already made will just create extra stress and extra work which is all unnecessary.

The big day if yours after-all. I don’t care who is paying for what. You get one day to celebrate in the biggest way the launch of your forever loves together with your person! It should be what you want and forget what everyone else wants.

If you want a casual backyard shin-dig, go for it! If you want a black-tie affair, go for it!

At the end of the day you will regret letting someone else’s opinion influence your final decision. Unless of course, that person is a wedding professional because they obviously know what they’re talking about ;)

Five wedding day details that should be you and your fiancé's decision only:

1)      Church ceremony or non-Church Ceremony

2)      Religious or non-denominational

3)      Small guest count or large guest count

4)      Hosted items, for example, alcoholic beverages; will you host beer and wine only or liquor as well? Will it be just for the cocktail hour or the whole night!? What about dinner wine!? What about Champagne!?

5)      Location; this can get tricky when families are from different states and become even more of a pain point when parents are helping to pay for a portion of the events. Make a compromise with each other as a couple as be confident in explaining that decision to help other respect it.

Leah Fontaine Photography

Leah Fontaine Photography