The Little Moments

One of my dearest friends tied the knot with the love of her life last month. We were having a conversation the other day and I asked her what is something you think every bride should know? She said, “Moments to make sure you enjoy on your wedding day.” Normally we focus on the planning side of things, but really all of that hard work leads up to the reason you have a wedding…to begin your marriage with your chosen spouse. Today I am going to talk about 7 moments you will want to make sure you take in on the big day. Every bride says it goes by so fast, so don’t let these little moments pass you by.


The Ride to the Ceremony

This can be such a sweet time as you enjoy the excitement, anticipation, and feel the love of those you are traveling with. Be intentional about who you choose to spend that precious time with because it is not just a ride to the ceremony venue, but it is a joyful and exciting time to share with those closest to you; whether that is your girls, siblings, mother, etc. Maybe you want to hire transportation for you and your bridesmaids to get to and from the salon and venue, or maybe you just want to be in a car with your two best friends. No matter how you travel be sure to treasure that time.

Getting Ready

Do not fall into the never ending thought pattern of stresses when you are getting your hair and makeup done. You have a timeline and a list of to do’s in your head and wonder how everything is going to come together. Take this time to be pampered and enjoy! Laugh with your bridesmaids and remember how each of them came into your life. Be thankful and enjoy the moment.

The First Look

It is easy for the first look to become something you check off of the photographers shot list, but don’t let it be just that. It’s so special and it’s one of my favorite parts of a wedding! Of course you want some styled up close and personal couple’s photos, but I would recommend doing the first look with the photographer at a bit of a distance, much like the photo below. It really lets the two of you have your moment, but the photographer still captures the joy. After that first look just walk around a bit, be together, and the photographer will capture all of the sweet things that make your love unique.

In Hiding Before the Ceremony

You are only 30 minutes away from marrying your love...walking down the aisle and seeing their face as you walk towards them. You are only 30 minutes away from seeing the smiles of all of your loved ones that are there to celebrate with you. Let that anticipation build and just hang out with your wedding party as guests arrive. Touch up your hair and makeup, grab a drink of water, and enjoy. Several brides I have worked with get very anxious during this time. What if I trip? What if something goes wrong? Does my friend have the reading…etc. Everything is taken care of at this point, so enjoy!

Waiting to Walk Down the Aisle

No matter who you choose to walk you down the aisle enjoy being with them. They are someone very important in your life. Hold hands, talk quietly, share this moment together. Don’t get nervous when you think about all of the guests staring at you when the doors open. They are not strangers there to judge you. They are your friends and family who are there to support and celebrate with you. Sit in that feeling of butterflies in your stomach as you wait for the doors to open, so you can see the face of your love. Take a few deep breaths and know that on the other side of the aisle is someone who loves you, cherishes you, and chose you out of all of the people in this world to do life with.


Take Ten

If you have read any of my previous blogs I always recommend that a couple takes about 10 minutes to bask in the joy of officially being married! The last thing you want is for your planner to rush you off to the next task. After you recess up the aisle it will take a while for your wedding party, family, and guests to exit. Take that time to go on a short walk and be together. You will still have plenty of time to do a receiving line or a send-off if you so choose. You can invite your photographer to capture those moments, or ask for a bit of privacy, but either way take the time because the rest of the night you have to be a host and will likely not have quality time with your spouse.

Sitting at the Head Table

This was my favorite nugget from my conversation with my friend Leah. I honestly don’t think I could do it justice if I tried to paraphrase, so in her words...

Sitting at the head table realizing that everyone you love, all who have been there for you up to this point in your life, and those who have shared the best and worst of times are all there supporting you, sharing in your joy. They are there to celebrate and support you and your spouse on that day. I remember thinking everyone here is here because they love us. It blew me away as I was sitting up front overlooking everyone! It was a full crowd, that’s a lot of love and support.
— L.S.

I hope that on your special day you can think of these seven things, take it all in, and enjoy the little moments.

Until next time...XOXO, Tamara