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Now that the wedding season has slowed down a bit in Minnesota, I have more time to dedicate to blogging. Today on #mondayblogday I am sharing a #blogexchange I have done with the lovely husband/wife team, Gregory & Irina of Time into Pixels Photography.

Sarah Blesener Photography

Sarah Blesener Photography

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1) You are two different people who are both photographers, how did that transpire into running a photography business together?

Being in this business together is an advantage not only for us, but for our clients as well. Our couples benefit from the fact that we've worked so many weddings together; we are a consistent and solid team. We also learn a lot from one another and see our bride and groom's wedding day from different prospectives. This idea not only applies to our creativity when shooting, but also in business when we're not at a wedding; we find a good middle ground between us and it works well for us and our business.

2) Do you always photograph weddings together? Do you have the option for 1 "shooter"?

We always photograph weddings together – couples who contact us are generally looking for two photographers to capture their day and usually do their research beforehand and already know that this is what they want. We have yet to be asked to shoot a wedding where it's just one of us.

3) Why is it important for a wedding day specifically that the clients hire two "shooters"? What are the benefits? What are they loosing out on if they opt for just one?

Having two photographers is definitely beneficial. Wedding logistics are often complicated and might require to be at two places at the same time. For example, the bride can be getting ready at a hotel while the groom gets ready at home. Another example may be during the ceremony, where it's also nice to get two angles such as the bride and groom's reactions as well as their parents and family watching the ceremony. Another important time is during the reception – two people are able to get more reactions and laughs that follow all these funny and sweet toasts and guests mingling. We also heavily focus on candid photos - grandma seeing the bride for the first time in her wedding dress, groomsmen having fun or family members sharing a laugh. Capturing a lot of these moments is possible because of two photographers being there – one photographer focusing on the “big picture” and another who is able to photograph all the little things that are happening in between is ideal when it comes to wedding photography.

4) Do you prefer to work from your experience when photographing a wedding or would you prefer the clients give you a detailed "shot list"?

We work from experience a majority of the wedding day. Besides what's happening in front of us as the wedding day transpires, we capture all the obvious things such as a bride's bouquet, the cake and the rings – this comes naturally after shooting so many weddings. However, we always ask our couples if there are any specific details that we need to be aware of. For example, if bride is having the wedding date embroidered into the hem of her dress, we want to be sure to photograph that because we might not know it's there. We also ask for a list for family formals by name because it gives us a good idea on how much time it will take to photograph these photos (family size, different combinations, etc. lead to larger shoot times) and it also helps us organize everyone on a wedding day when the time comes.

5) What is your most memorable moment from photographing weddings?

We photographed a lot of really beautiful moments, but we both have to agree that one of them took the cake. It was at this year's wedding. Melissa, our bride, decided to surprise her dad with a very special personalized message for him during their father-daughter dance. As they proceeded to the dance floor and the song started playing, her dad had no idea what was coming. They began to dance, and it's hard to describe the reaction Melissa's dad had when he heard her voice over the speaker telling him how much she appreciates all his love and support and everything he's done for her. The look on his face was priceless and we were sure honored to be the ones to capture his reaction as well as the reaction of their family members and their guests!

6) If you could photograph any persons wedding day, who would it be, and why?

Jason Kennedy and Lauren Scruggs! They seem like such nice people who are perfect together. In addition, their wedding was personal and beautiful!

- Gregory & Irina

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