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Topic: Questions to ask a potential photographer

Do you have backup equipment? 

Photographers are human and because of that, we drop equipment and misplace gear. It is important to be prepared at each event with the proper equipment. A dropped lens should not be any problem of the bride and groom. Accidents happen but your photos shouldn't be hindered because of it.

How do you back up the images? 

Data management should be a system that allows for failure. Multiple back ups are key. Most professional cameras have options to write images to two cards. Hard drives should be mirrored and stored in separate locations. Photographers should have cloud storage implemented. This takes the risk of natural disasters out of the equation.

Are the digital files full resolution and are they watermark free?

Full resolution files will allow you to enlargements of you photos. Find out up to what size you will be able to print from the files you receive. Make sure you can print the size photos you want. A watermark is a faint design of the photographer's name or logo on the photo. Some photographers include this on the digital files because all watermark free prints have to be ordered through the photographer. Make sure you find out the additional cost for prints or ask for the watermark free files.

What is your print or copyright policy?

Copyrights limit the use of photos. A lot of times wedding photographers will include the a print release which allows you to make prints and share photos but not for profit or publication. This means the photographer owns the artistic rights to the images to use in their business portfolios and publications.

Do you have a contract?

Always ask for contracts when using services for your wedding. This is the promise of services you receive for your wedding will be delivered and what you will be paying for them. It is important to have this clear prior to the wedding regardless if you are hiring a friend or family member. Make sure to read through the contract and clarify any part that may not be understood.