Your Own Personal Touch

The goal of every wedding I plan is to create an atmosphere on your big day that feels like the two of you as a couple with one level of special added to it. I want people to walk into the room and say, “that is so *your name here*!” Nowadays weddings are very customizable and you have so many options it can be a little daunting to find the right balance of personal touch and still a special event. Keep reading for a few tips on how to find that balance. I will be showcasing a wedding we worked on at Green Acres Event Center in Eden Prairie, MN as an example.


Stationery is a great way to show off your personality! When you order a matching wedding suite (invitations, table numbers, escort cards, programs, menus, etc.) it gives your wedding day a cohesive and almost branded look. It makes all of your stationery choices look intentional which is great! You can certainly get creative with your stationery suite though. Just because they match doesn’t mean they have to be generic. This couple we worked with were big comic book fans who loved the 1940-1960’s era. They chose to showcase that in their eccentric comic book pop art style programs and witty menu selection.


Choose a dress that feels like you and your wedding aesthetic. If you are getting married in a barn with a very laid back vibe you probably are not going to choose to wear a princess style gown with sparkles from head to toe (unless that is what you have always dreamed of, then go for it!). If you are a romantic at heart, try a lace trumpet style dress. If you are a wild child boho type try a sheath style dress with an open back, etc. Don’t forget about your groom! The groom at this wedding was a big Star Wars fan, so he wore a pocket square that matched the color scheme and had a small Yoda print all over it. It was barely noticeable, but very personal. Have fun with your shoes too! Who ever said you had to wear white shoes? Add a pop of color that is only seen when you bustle your dress for the reception.

Color Scheme

When I am working with a bride to come up with her overall color scheme they tend to be scared of color. They think if they choose a color that isn’t timeless enough they will regret it or the color will be too much. This bride was certainly not afraid of color, but she had a fairly neutral wood colored venue, white linens, and white and navy fashion (which are both considered neutrals). She found a really nice balance that she felt comfortable with.

I remind my brides that just because they choose punch as one of their colors doesn’t mean the linens, floral, dresses, etc. are all going to be punch. You can have punch in some floral, stationary, favors, and then neutralize everything with blush, ivory, and champagne gold to create a timeless, fun, and romantic look. Color can be used sparingly or in large doses depending on your personality, but there is certainly no need to be afraid of it. It is all about balance.

The Little Things

Another place to have fun are the smaller details of your day. This bride and groom had a custom cake topper made to show off their little family including their two dogs. They also chose to show off their love of vintage by giving each guest an old school coke bottle as a favor. They came with cute striped straws and a cheers tag. Guests used these to cheers during toasts! The bridesmaids all had cat eye red sunglasses and their hair in a 1940’s updo. The bride even forwent a veil and choose a vintage style floral head piece instead.

Over all the look was cohesive, showed off their fun character, and was a great balance of their casual personality and the once-in-a-lifetime day it was! Don't feel overwhelmed by the amount of choices on Pinterest and the many trends. Create a day that looks and feels like you and it will be perfect!