My Story | Part Three | Infertility

The Doctor tells me I’m officially considered to be struggling with infertility, she also tells me, I might have Endometriosis, and that could be the reason for my infertility, but it could also be other things.

I remember going home the day of this Doctor appointment, and I was a complete puddle of emotions. The next day it was hitting me even harder. I remember having the following thoughts…

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Jessica Wonders
My Story | Part Two | Surgery

I left the Doctor having to digest being officially considered Infertile and potentially diagnosed with Endometriosis. The feelings were flooding through. I was in a world of hurt, and I didn’t know what to do or where to start.

After a few weeks of being an emotional mess, I came to the conclusions that I first needed to fix my body before I could focus on the infertility issues. To be diagnosed with Endometriosis you must undergo a Laparoscopic Surgery to determine if endo tissue is present, if it, a pathology test is done to confirm that it is indeed endometrial tissue. This is the method to which Endometriosis is diagnosed.

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My Story | Part One | Timeline

Eleven Years Old

I was 11 years old in 6th grade. It was a crisp fall day; I was in Gym class running the mile. I got my period for the first time, and I knew what it was right away. I went to the nurse and was forced to continue running. I wanted nothing more than to lay down on the ground in the fetal position; I was in so much pain. I remember thinking, is this normal? Do I have to deal with this every single month?I missed the next day of school. I could hardly get out of bed, I vomited and had extreme nausea. It was horrid. I asked my Mother and Grandmother about it and was told, this was normal, and they had terrible cramps too at my age.

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