My Story | Part Two | Surgery

July 23rd, 2018


I left the Doctor having to digest being officially considered Infertile and potentially diagnosed with Endometriosis. The feelings were flooding through. I was in a world of hurt, and I didn’t know what to do or where to start.

After a few weeks of being an emotional mess, I came to the conclusions that I first needed to fix my body before I could focus on the infertility issues. To be diagnosed with Endometriosis you must undergo a Laparoscopic Surgery to determine if endo tissue is present, if it, a pathology test is done to confirm that it is indeed endometrial tissue. This is the method to which Endometriosis is diagnosed.

The decision to have surgery to diagnose


This is my only chance at confirming something has been wrong with me for nearly 20 years. I had to do it, but if I was going to do it, I was going to do it right.Finding an Endo specialist is difficult, and finding one who can successfully execute the gold standard of treatment if the disease does exist is called Deep Excision. The state of MN only has three endo specialists, one of which you must go through the May Pelvic Pain Clinic to see, so that was not an option. Now that I found a specialist, and one that I was confident could do right by me, I was ready to meet with him for a second opinion. I had to wait six weeks for this appointment. In that time, I chose to educate myself as much as possible about this disease. I decided to be an advocate for my health, and that meant arming myself with as much accurate information as possible. I went into my appointment ready to decide that Laparoscopic Surgery to diagnose the disease was the right decision for me if this Doctor agreed that I likely had Endometriosis which he did. Surgery is scheduled for October 10th, 2018.


Jess Wonders

* Remember you truly never know what someone is going through, lead with kindness, always.