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At Jessica Wonders Events we provide Full-Service Custom Floral Designs.

This means that we will handle all of the setup, changeover and take down. It takes a lot of moving parts to pull off a wonderful event, and we know that the easier it is for you, the better! Floral design can be an overwhelming task with a lot of small details; this is the reason we have found that the full-service approach is best for your sanity!

We also believe that each and every couple or client deserves the utmost of attention on their event days. Therefore, we have a limited availability booking calendar when it comes to Floral Design, to ensure we are able to give our best and be out best! 

Due to our limited availability we do recommend you book us sooner rather than later, we recommend booking your event Floral 6+ months before your event date!

Price Range!?

Minimum Floral Design Investment $2,500 +

Average Client spends between $3K & $5K on Flowers & Rentals combined.

What is your process like!?

During our initial consultation we will work out the details you're dreaming up for your big day and set up a real expectation of what it will take to create your dream wedding while staying within your budget when it comes to floral and décor. 

We will work with you to ensure any design details relating to your floral and rentals will compliment the rest of your wedding design using custom to you mood boards for styling!

Throughout the process, once you have booked with us, we will work with you to make sure any necessary updates or changes to your floral and rental needs are met!

Eric Lundgren Photography

Eric Lundgren Photography

Rental décor Available

We are currently running a Holiday Cheer Campaign! Free Mercury Glass Rentals with your $2,500 + Floral ORder, book by 12/31/17. 

Free Rentals = HUGE SAVINGS!

Terms & Conditions apply.

Our Promise of integrity to you!

Eric Lundgren Photography

Eric Lundgren Photography

At Jessica Wonders Events We are committed to working with fresh floral elements, sourcing our flowers and foliage as close to home as the Twin Cities to growers across the United States. Whether you are envisioning a small, intimate declaration of your love or a large scale celebration, designs are created to custom fit to your overall aesthetic and budget.

We take "going green" pretty seriously around here!

We work hard to lessen our impact on the Earth. Whenever we can, we order from local growers, which not only helps our local farmers but reduces the amount of time your flowers are in transit. We compost all of our floral waste (religiously), and during our design process we come up with as many ways we can to re-purpose your floral on the event day; extending their use as much as possible, and reduce excess.

We are also more than happy to recycle your leftover flowers after your event. Re-designing into smaller arrangements and then delivering flowers to local nursing homes further reduces our imprint on the Earth and gives smiles for days!

Meet The JW Lead Floral Guru

Sr. Lead Floral Designer | Felicia Kohlhagen

How long have you been doing floral design? Nine years, and it has been an incredible journey! I can’t wait to see where the next decade takes me.

What is your favorite flower? It changes all the time; I feel like I am always falling in love with a different bloom! My current favorite is Blushing Bride.

Why do you like/love being a florist? I have always been a lover of nature, and art is something I have always felt connected to… So being a floral designer is the best of both worlds. It is the best experience to take what nature has given you and combine various elements to create something new and amazing. Being a floral designer is less of a job and more of passion.

What excites you most about joining #teamjw? Collaborating with the Jessica Wonders crew has always been a treat, and I feel that together we can do some pretty incredible things! We share a passion for creating one-of-a-kind events that truly celebrate a couple’s love… and I really can’t wait to see where that takes us.

What do you enjoy doing most in your free time? Hiking, camping and exploring state parks, I also enjoy gardening, reading and spending time with my hubby and our daughters, Zoey and Piper.

What is your favorite quote? “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” - Vincent Van Gogh

Favorite food or drink? I’m a craft beer lover! Oliphant Brewing Company’s Brown Sugar Brown Brown is a favorite local brew.

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