What makes us different!?




We handle the details of your big day so that you can enjoy every second of it. As a team, we value collaboration and prompt communication. Our in-house services make this affordable and straightforward, ridding you of overwhelm and stress.  Our planners work alongside you to execute your day with precision and a unique flavor that truly represents who you are.



Planners at JW only have one lead wedding per week; this means you have our undivided attention leading up to and during your big day. Because we want to serve our clients in a personalized way, we only accept a limited number of couples per year, so be sure to book early! We look forward to making you our next JW couple!


We work hard to have an inclusive, and welcoming atmosphere here at JW, we believe that love is love and we will do just about anything to make sure we plan and execute your dream day to suit you best. We love a challenge, and that means we are willing to take on new events of any kind even if that means we have to put in the extra work to learn about your culture or lifestyle.

We take the time to get to know our clients because you're not just a number in our books. We believe that putting in the work to build a relationship with our clients profoundly affects the result of their big day, and the most critical factor of all to us is that your big day is about you as a couple. We want your guests to enter your event space and see details that are a nod to you as a couple.


Meet Jessica

Hi there! 

I am Jessica Wonders, the Owner, Creative Director and Principal Planner for Jessica Wonders Events. I have been planning events since 2012. My journey in event planning began long before then. My journey as an entrepreneur started at a very young age. I did the typical Lemonade Stand, and then when I started to learn about my own creative skills and the "needs" within my neighborhood, I realized I have a true market right at my hands, for nail polish painting. I started mixing my own colors and using my profits to buy more inventory to make even more of my own custom colors. I charged a whopping $0.50 cents! Some would say I have been "hustling" since then! 


I always knew I wanted to be my own boss and work for something I was passionate about. I am so happy to do what I love and am always finding new ways to offer more services to help more people. I founded Jessica Wonders Events in 2013 as an event planning company, and in 2016 added full-service floral design, and tabletop rentals as well. In 2017 I launched Ena Workshops, the first-ever hands-on learning approach specifically formulated for wedding and event professionals. Ena Workshops offers business basics and passion specific workshops with a styled shoot experience for the attendees to add to their portfolio. Most recently in 2018, I launched DIY Flower House a new way to offer budget-friendly wedding flowers, and also non-wedding DIY classes, for things like Holiday Wreaths, Seasonal arrangements, and more!


An Entrepreneur and Event Planner is not who I am.

I am a kind hearted individual with a lack of sugar coating anything, straight-forward, truthfulness is what you can always expect from me. I am a lover of animals and a dog rescue advocate. I delegate many hours per week to volunteering for a local dog rescue in Minnesota. I am a wife to the goofiest guy you will ever meet and a "dog mom" to Gunther and Watson, who are both past foster dogs of ours who found their forever homes in our hearts. If dogs are not your thing, don't ever bring them up around me, because, I will talk your ear off. In typical Empath fashion, I cry while watching "all the movies," and as a professional extroverted- introvert, I prefer staying in on a Friday night, snuggled up with my pups, while eating popcorn and watching a movie. If I had to get out of the house and could choose anything fun to do, it would probably do go adventuring in nature or eat at a fun new restaurant. 

I love connecting with new people one and one and I cannot wait to meet with you one day!